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Allow MMA to develop and implement a clear, aggressive and effective media strategy for you and your organization.

Whether you’re an author or publisher preparing to launch a book, a non-profit organization in need of attention for your latest campaign, or a business looking to strengthen your brand, MMA has the experience to develop and implement an intelligent, aggressive and efficient earned-media strategy. Our work is focused on the continuous development of creative, engaging story angles built around announcements, events, new products, and thought-leadership opportunities designed to increase your media profile, strengthen your credibility, and tell your story to the right audiences.

MMA will identify and craft a laser-focused message that not only tells your story, but brings it alive for all to experience.

We work closely with our clients to develop tailored messaging that will guide our earned-media and thought-leadership efforts. That core messaging is integrated into all the supporting materials for your campaign, including talking points, frequently asked questions, media briefings, interview backgrounders, pitches, press releases, op-eds and more.

MMA knows Media and Media knows MMA. It’s all about relationships. No one has them better than MMA. An effective media campaign requires reaching the right people with the right story. Unfortunately, many PR firms issue an online press release and consider their work done, while others are content to send a mass email promoting an announcement or event. MMA carefully crafts media lists from our extensive press contacts so we can reach desired audiences with maximum efficiency.

Media outreach is the bread and butter of public relations, but many firms have lost sight of the importance of an aggressive, intelligent pitching strategy. MMA recognizes the value of healthy relationships with media contacts, and puts in the time to follow up with them to create coverage and gain momentum. 

Thought leadership allows you or your organization to stay on the media’s radar even when you’re not the one making news. Through development of commentary pieces and interviews pegged to current news stories, we position your spokesperson as an expert in their field and a go-to media source for commentary on industry topics and trends. Thought leadership is an important strategy for building trust in your brand among the media and your target audiences.

MMA has worked with numerous authors and publishers to design and execute campaigns that launch new books or bring new attention to old ones. Beginning before the book’s publication date, we develop book-launch materials including press releases, author bios, excerpts, media lists, etc., and begin reaching out to media for reviews and launch-day interviews. Continuing through and beyond launch day, we promote the author and book across the full spectrum of media, including television, radio, print and online outlets, with the goal of maximizing the book’s reach and impact in a short amount of time.

Team MMA will expand and broaden the reach of your social media platforms to engage directly with target audiences, key media contacts and potential partner organizations.

Social-media tools like Twitter and Facebook are becoming increasingly integral parts of any thought-leadership campaign. MMA works with clients at every level of social-media management, from establishing an online presence from scratch to implementing best practices or managing accounts. MMA helps clients maximize the reach of their social platforms to engage directly with target audiences, key media contacts and potential partner organizations.

Get comfortable telling your own story in MMA’s media training course.

Being comfortable telling your own story is key to reaching your target audiences, but dealing with the media can be an intimidating prospect even for executives who regularly answer to demanding board members, clients and stakeholders. The rules of engagement are totally different. MMA’s media-training sessions offer a crash course in Media Basics 101, and provide an opportunity to review messaging and practice staying on topic. Through messaging overviews and one-on-one mock interviews, MMA prepares your spokespeople to face the media with confidence.

When things go wrong, MMA will develop a crisis plan tailored specially for you and your needs.

Forget the cliché that “there’s no such thing as bad press.” There is such a thing as bad press, and you need to be prepared to handle difficult situations that arise from time to time. It’s a mistake to take a cavalier “all press is good press” approach to media relations during a crisis, but it’s just as big of a mistake to write the media off as the enemy. A solid crisis management strategy focuses on telling your side of the story through the media in an intentional, strategic way designed to minimize the negative impact and bring the story back under control. MMA guides clients through crises by providing honest evaluations of the situation and informed strategies for navigating the storm.

MMA will pursue speaking opportunities that put your representatives in front of key audiences and organizations.

Speaking engagements can be an important part of a thought leadership campaign. MMA is available to help pursue speaking opportunities that put your representatives in front of captive target audiences and create prospects for earned-media coverage of your appearances at luncheons, briefings, conferences, etc.

MMA maintains relationships with important media outlets as well as key players in government and industry, and we are available to manage campaign coalitions or simply help your organization expand its network.

Public discussions over legislation, regulation and government contracts can turn nasty fast, with members of Congress, third-party organizations and competitors opposing your work at every turn. A communications campaign managed by MMA will help you cut through the noise and highlight your organization’s key messaging in a hostile or difficult environment.

Our Team of professional writers will craft messaging, speeches, press releases, talking points, fact and sheets.

Many firms fail to appreciate the value of high-quality writing and editing. MMA sees things differently. There’s no need to look for a freelance writer or editor to meet your needs, because we employ full-time writers who draft messaging, press releases, and other material. This helps ensure that we release high-quality written content on behalf of our clients; leaves our account managers free to engage directly with the press; and provides additional value to our clients for all writing projects, from social media posts to full-length books.

MMA’s extensive work in book promotion has resulted in relationships with virtually all the major publishing houses. Our literary representation team works with aspiring and established authors across fiction and nonfiction genres to hone book proposals, pitch them to publishers and secure the right deal for release.

Our team of award winning journalists will work with you from concept to completion to produce pieces that will engage and inspire your audience. We believe that in today’s digital world video is an essential platform for communicating your message and achieving maximum impact.

Allow our corporate event planning services to become an extension of your business. Our team has a vast knowledge of corporate event planning and hospitality experience. Utilizing our services can assist your company in building strong relationships with stakeholders, employees, customers, shareholders, investors and the media.

We are capable of organizing and managing a wide range of events, including meetings, conferences, seminars, product launches, press conferences, shareholder briefings, employee or industry award ceremonies, and customer appreciation events.

The Diversity and Unconscious Bias training focuses on unconscious/implicit bias, and the effects of stereotyping and prejudging.  This training is composed of a confidential cultural self assessment, group activities and scenarios/simulations.  Although the fundamental concepts of the presentations are established, there are portions that are customized to fit the needs of each client.  Each client is given an hour evaluation meeting, at no charge, to identify gaps or target areas to place emphasis on during the training.    

The EEO Compliance Training for Management educates employers on ways to avoid or reduce discrimination-related lawsuits, grievances, and EEOC (federal) and state charges. This training focuses on all civil rights laws, harassment, and retaliation, and a review of the state and federal EEOC complaint process.  Other topics covered are the benefits of attracting, recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining a quality diverse workforce.

Cultural Awareness Training for Law Enforcement is training for sworn officers that covers cultural changes in the U.S. population and the necessity to protect the agency from citizen complaints, exposure to claims and litigation, and fractured police–community relations. This training discusses unconscious biases, prejudices, tolerance, empathy, and effective communication.

Diversity Crisis Management Services are provided when unexpected events leading to instability involving individuals, groups, organizations, schools, or communities. We analyze the cause of the diversity related crisis, create strategies, and take immediate necessary precautions against future situations. We assist in the creation of Crisis Response Teams (CRT), EEO plans, and educate clients on methods how to detect the early signs of crisis and prevent negative consequences in a situation of unrest.

The Mediation and Restorative Practice services offer an impartial facilitator to assist participants in identifying issues, reducing obstacles to communication, and helping both parties reach voluntary agreements. We do not serve as a decision-maker and will not impose a solution on the participants.  Participants, with the guidance of the mediator, explore solutions that meet the interests or needs of both parties in an effort to resolve conflict involving human experiences, social identities, and cultural perspectives.

Our Graphic Design Team has the wealth of our experiences, skills, and commitment to create world-class designs custom to your company. We create lasting impressions by developing the perfect fit that will speak your voice and display your personal style by using photography, smart content, brand experiences.

We specialize in graphic design for print, media, website content, band flyers/posters, logos, etc.

These days, a great website is essential for the growth and success of your business and goals.

Our award winning web design/development team has more than 18 years experience in creating clean, efficient and responsive websites, user interfaces and complex web applications. One of our primary goals is to provide comprehensive solutions using tactics that outlast trends to build your online presence, and to build your brand.

Whether you are looking for something new, or if you want to bring an outdated website back to life, we are always on the lookout for new ways to make your existing websites cleaner and more efficient. We are extremely responsive to our client’s requests and very flexibility during the project.

We aren’t satisfied until we’ve exceeded all of your expectations! From concept to creation, our team is passionate about finding creative and innovative solutions to meet your website needs. Let us create a unique and powerful online presence that represents EXACTLY what you want for your business.