Carrie Wright

Carrie Wright is a skilled project manager that brings an unparalleled amount of organizational experience from many years running educational programs and civic groups.

Beginning her career as a teacher at Golightly Educational Center, Carrie has since then found her calling in operations management as Camp Director for Summer Jam Day Camp, Director of Operations for After School Kidz Zone, and Program Director for Little Stinkers Kid City. In all of these roles, Carrie has had the duties of overseeing not only numerous employees, but also wearing multiple hats that ranged from managing employee payroll to securing vendors and enrichment instructors childhood programming.

Carrie joined the MMA team in September 2021 as Business Administrator/Special Projects. Through the thousands of kids, parents, and employees Carrie has encountered throughout her career, Carrie brings a unique perspective to problem solving and critical thinking that undoubtably rolls over to client work at MMA.

A graduate of both Cass Technical High School and Michigan State University, Carrie knows and is connected to the city of Detroit like none other