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Scott Eatmon

Scott Eatmon

Scott Eatmon

Scott Eatmon's creativity and passion for web technologies, as well as his unique vision and problem solving abilities are why he stands out among the region's best and brightest.

With more than 18 years of government, corporate, non-profit and private business experience, he has proven the ability to quickly adapt to constantly changing technologies and efficiently manage multiple projects, making him one of the most sought after developers in the state of Michigan.

As a "Full Stack" developer, Scott has an advanced knowledge with many modern front and back end programming languages, including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, SQL, MYSQL and much more. He has become an expert in the areas of content management systems (CMS), website / UI design, search engine optimization, responsive design, wire-framing, project architecture, workflow design, website security, e-commerce strategies, pay per click advertising and IOS/Android app development.

Scott has won several awards, such as the "Innovation in Government Technology" award for his work with Wayne County, Michigan, and he led the team that brought the latest Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan website to life. Early on in his career, he built one of the first internet radio stations ( Motor City Sound ), which helped tons of local artists to be heard, by creating a content delivery model that has now become an industry standard methodology. Shortly after, his vision and leadership helped a well known local sports equipment retailer ( Summit Sports ) become a top 50 internet retailer.

Scott believes that every project is an opportunity to create something incredible.

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